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Become a trusted logistics provider of present and future companies that can lead our community to the first social and economic positions throughout our standardized service and custom solutions for each of our clients.


We are a freight and logistics company who provides a simple and standardized service to guarantee the success of our clients, understanding their needs, offering economic, fast and trusted solutions that reflect on results

Our services

We have different solutions according to your specific needs, following our trusted and
monitored course.


There is no need for a complete container, therefore no risks. We are in charge of selecting in our network the right system for executing the whole process, guaranteeing that the cargo delivers completely on time and at the best price.

Special Cargo.

Special cargo can be in large quantities, items with special dimensions and weight, also including those who are high in quality and/or quantity.

For these needs, we are specialists in the handling of this type of cargo due to our capacity and experience in order for your cargo to be delivered in perfect conditions.

If you have ever been told all types of excuses, worry no more. We know our process perfectly and can adapt to your logistics strategy with its specifications.

We offer tight delivery schedules including wasted time on dock therefore Standard Go adapts to you.

  • Standard ( 20st, 40st, 40HC)
  • Area dimensions ( Open Top)
  • Flat Rack ( with, height)
  • Platform ( length , with , height)
  • Refrigerated ( 20 feet, 40 feet)

In certain occasions, the size does matter, and a sea charter requires experience, technical skill and legal support in order to handle small flaws that can convert into big numbers.

In Standard Go, we are experts in Charter Break Bulk, and with our experience and team support with more than 30 years in the business we will successfully deliver your cargo to its destination.

Our experience is the trust you were looking for.


If what you need is to be cost efficient most of the time, this is the right option, because besides time, you save, with help of our international import-export grid. It does not matter the type of cargo, we have the right equipment to handle and take care of it in order for the delivery to be successful without risking your logistics budget.

Next day delivery

If your provider fails and your packaging conditions don´t allow other transportation media, your choice is next day. Standard Go has the right associates to ensure that your cargo will be ready and delivered the next day. We have the best logistics team on follow up in Next Day on NAFTA zone, previously working with international companies that needed that their cargo to arrive on time, safely and with the
correct pricing.

Our Hand Carrier service will help you for any of your last minute small-scale custom needs thanks to a vast international contact network that will provide the
delivery successfully.

When the urgency in delivering is a priority, the is no “can´t dos” that can mean for your company loss of credibility
and money.

We believe that there is always a solution and our Charter Service will give it you in the delivery time and with 24/7 monitoring you need.


If you need direct cargo or Cross-dock, we have the best providers and the required coordination, maintaining our quality standards, services and price to guarantee the success of ground delivery.

Team Driver: Double driver

Simplicity works, and with our Team Driver service we have a trustworthy professional network that goes the extra mile without exceeding on your budget

Our Hot Shot service guarantees the deliver on time in a quick and simple way.

If your cargo is oversized, a dangerous merchandise or overweight let us help you with a solution that adapts the best to your cargo.
We are responsible for it

EChoose safety, quickness and value with our LTL services, in which we have the best contacts and equipment with consolidation centers.


Contact us if you want more information about our products, quotes and information in general or send us a message and soon an advisor will be in touch with you

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