Marítimo Mundial



In Standard Go we know all possible combinations, formats and routes to accomplish your efficiency expectations, rapid feedback, flexibility
and experience.

The combination you choose will guarantee that your shipment will be
delivered on time.

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If your cargo has special packaging conditions, high price cargo, urgent time frame, production or logistics problems, what you need its air freight.

Standard Go offers three basic points: Rapid feedback, on time delivery and competitive price. We know the routes, the suppliers, timelines and have full availability and defined processes for you not to worry. We are there for you.

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Understanding the NAFTA market is mostly happening on ground, we adapt with the best solutions.

Our commitment to our clients ensures the completion of the operation with all requirements and needs from both sides in delivery guaranty, price and service quality. No tricks, no doubtful providers.

Only by searching the correct providers with the experience, best equipment and adequate pricing.

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A combination of productivity, quality and time in which failures are expensive and full of risk.

Standard Go understands the problem and gives its importance to critical freight service for it to solve those problems therefore we are trustworthy in our timelines and pricing in order to maintain a clear perspective of the
service provided.

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A Trusted Path

We are Standard Go, a shipping logistics company who seeks delivering the best solutions in a simple and standardized service to guarantee that your business objective accomplishes.

We work and believe that successful companies walk and maintain themselves through solid steps. Its this way how we want to join you and grow, with our quick, simple and economic services.

We know what you need and want to become your
trusted path.

A Traced Path

Web Tracking

Consult your shipment´s status in a simple and accurate way with our online tracking service.

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For more information about your request please contact your personal consultant and he will provide the best option in shipments, timeframes and routes.