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transporte aéreo, logística y transporte


We expedite your shipments for fastest delivery

Get anywhere in the world with the highest safety standards and in the shortest possible time.


On-time delivery




Security and control




Deliver Your High-Value or Urgent Cargoes in Record Time

We Move the World, Not Just Things. Enjoy the Advantage of Transporting Your Goods and Supplies Anywhere in the World with Shorter Transit Times.

Priority Airfreight

Our dedicated airfreight service provides the best option for time-saving, flexible space-sharing cargo on daily flights on most routes. With immediate response, we offer a reliable and efficient solution for your urgent transportation needs.

transporte aéreo, logística y transporte

Air Charter

Need to ship a large quantity of goods? Our air charter service provides a full aircraft dedicated exclusively to the shipment of your goods. With this option, you can transport your cargo with maximum efficiency and security.

transporte aéreo, logística y transporte

Types of Transports

Move Any Type of Cargo to Any Part of the World

Commercial Aircraft

Our commercial aircraft option allows for simultaneous transportation of passengers and goods.


Cargas menores
Height: Maximum of 1.6 meters
Length: Maximum of 2.5 meters

Cargo Aircraft

Exclusively used for merchandise, offering greater transfer capacity for larger shipments.


Maximum height: 3 meters


Ideal solution for small cargo transportation around the world.


Load capacity: 150 kilograms

Hand carry

Our hand carry service provides an ideal solution for critical cargo, offering fast shipments and complete deliveries.


Ideal for urgent shipments of up to 150 linear centimeters

transporte aéreo, logística y transporte

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Solutions Tailored to Your Transportation Needs

Our team of professionals is trained to provide you with customized solutions for your transportation needs. Contact us today for more information.

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